Bonne Année 2022!


How can I clean and maintain my pair of Armistice shoes?
We advise to use a dry brush or a slightly damp cloth to clean softly your shoes. Do not machine wash. You must clean your shoes carefully to avoid the fall of glitters for instance. Do not forget to use a water-repellent quickly after the purchase to facilitate the cleaning.  
How can I clean and maintain my 727Sailbags bean bag, door stopper or cushion?
The bean bags made from Dacron® sails (white) and acrylic can be machine washed at 30° (not the leather ones!). 
The bean bags made from technical sails or with linen and leather can be washed with soap and a gentle brush. 
Brush to remove dust and dirt regularly. Spot clean with soapy water and a soft brush. Machine wash covers as required. To extend the life of a bean bag, you can hang it when not in use so it lasts even longer.
How can I clean and maintain my 727Sailbags bag?
727Sailbags bags are not 100% waterproof, however they are water resistant. Just watch they don’t fall overboard! 
Same as for bean bags, bags made from Dacron® sails (white) and acrylic can be machine washed at 30°. Just make sure you remove the handles to avoid them getting damaged. you can easily tie them again with a simple knot once the bag is clean and dry.  
Bags with linen and leather are more delicate and should be washed with soapy water and a gentle brush.  
We also recommend you hang them on a hanger or a door handle, so the sail isn’t damaged overtime.  


Care instructions are attached in the description of each product and on a tag inside the clothes.


How do I care for my comforter?

When it is wash time for your child’s comforter, a quick dip in the washing machine at 30°C (delicate cycle) with a gentle washing detergent followed by a short spin will ensure that our colour fast fabrics keep their original quality. Given the performance of new generation washing machines (high spin / minute), we advise you to place our items in a special washing bag or pillow-case. The maximum speed we advise is 500 spins / minute (delicate cycle). You can then place the comforter in the dryer if you like, on a delicate cycle.*  

If the product contains a musical box, surface washing only is recommended. Do not under any circumstances place an item with a musical box in a dryer.

* except where specified on our labels (eg. Dry-clean only)

And there you go! Your child’s comforter will be nice and clean, ready for more hugs from their friend!