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Brands We Love. 727Sailbags.




727Sailbags is a world apart. A world of stylish, practical, unique and timeless creations made from old sails. 

727Sailbags story. How it all started.

In 2010, a trio of bold artisan creators from the 'Sailing Valley' in France decided to 
put their craftsmanship and know-how into developing a benchmark brand inspired by the sea. All three shared a passion for boats, a concern for the state of our oceans and a strong will to make a difference to the world. So when they realised tons and tons of old sails ended up in a huge landfill near their hometown, they quite quickly decided to embark on the 727Sailbags adventure.

To this day, this passion drives them every step of the way to develop a range of products, all made based on a circular and responsible economic logic. 

727, this number alone conjures up the brand's unique world. In reference to the number printed on the sail of the family yacht of Jean-Baptiste Roger, one of the founders, in which the first bags were made, they initiated the culture of numbers on the yokes, which adorn most of the creations. A sign of the unshakeable links which link our brand to the world of sailing, regattas and ocean racing.

More than a brand, a state of mind...

In tune with our environment, and in close touch with the world's top yachtsmen, every single one of 727Sailbags creations is made of recycled sailcloth. 

The other requirement of course is that the final products should stand out as life companions blending the elegance of the "yachting attitude" with the dream of escape conveyed by the magic of the sea which has inspired 727Sailbags since the very first day. 

Unrivaled Craftsmanship 

To create beautiful, unique objects, we have put in place  - first, each sail collected or donated to 727Sailbags is thoroughly washed. It then goes to the wonderful team of expert seamstresses who hand-sew every product to turn the beautiful designs imagined by our team of designers into beautifully and uniquely crafted bags, outdoors furniture, home decor, clothes, swimming gear and more... 


Everything is still hand-made from start to finish in the original 727Sailbags 'container' workshop in Lorient, the heart of the Sailing Valley in Brittany. 

With top of the range quality, 727Sailbags products are made in the wide variety of shapes and materials offered by genoa, mainsail, gennaker or spinnaker sailcloth.


Each 727Sailbags creation is unique, as evidenced by the authentication label: what type of sail, on board what sailing vessel, with which skipper, in which seas or oceans. We trace the maritime history of each item, combining authenticity and the latest trends. 

We hope you enjoy your unique 727Sailbags creations as much as we enjoy making them. 

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