Free Express NZ shipping for purchases over $200. Shipping available for Australia and worldwide.



How secure is online shopping?

Very secure. Along with Shopify, we are 100% dedicated to ensuring a secure online shopping experience, whilst keeping our customer’s identity and personal information private and secure.  

What are my online payment options?  

Payments are accepted using New Zealand’s largest and most trusted Credit Card providers - using your choice of Visa, MasterCard or Amex - as well as PayPal Express Checkout and Shopify Pay, Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

You are also able to pay by direct bank transfer. You will be presented with this option at Checkout.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship our products across New Zealand only. However if you are located outside New Zealand, please get in touch with us at and we’ll try our best to arrange affordable shipment for you.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping cost is a flat $5.00 for Auckland region ; $10 for the rest of the North Island ; $15 for the South Island. 

How long will my order take to arrive? 

1-3 working days, although you will need to allow an additional 1 to 2 days for rural deliveries.

If for unforeseen circumstances we think there will be substantial delays we will contact you directly to discuss, and will happily refund your money at your request if the delivery time is deemed not suitable.

My product hasn’t arrived – how can I find out where it is? 

All our products are sent by tracked courier. If you wish to track your product, please send us an email to with your name, the product you have purchased and when you purchased it, and we will send you the tracking number. If your product doesn’t arrive within the specified delivery time, please contact us and we will coordinate with the courier provider for an update. 


Do you have retail stores or showrooms?
To keep our prices as low as possible, we have chosen to sell our products direct to the public and exclusively online.




Where do I buy beans for my bean bag?
You can purchase beans at a number of major retailers, including Spotlight, Bunnings, Briscoes, The Warehouse, Para Rubber, K-mart, and 


How many litres of beans does it take to fill my bean bag?
The amount of beans largely depends on how firm you like your bean bag to be, but approximate filling volumes are as follows:

* Duo Bean Bag - 97L 

* Maxi Bean Bag – 390L 

Will I need to top up the beans regularly?

The polystyrene beans will compress over time, making the bean bags more and more comfortable. You may choose to add a few handfuls of beans from time to time to help the bean bag keep its shape. It’s entirely up to you though.

What is the best way to fill bean bags?

The best way to avoid spillage while filling bean bags is to do it with someone else. One person can hold the bag open around the zip while the other pours the polystyrene beads. It is best to put the opening of the bag containing the beans into the bean bag to avoid spills. 




Are security constraints respected?

The well-being of small children is an absolute priority at Moulin Roty. Quality and security are commitments to which they strive on a daily basis. Each material, each product has been subjected to extensive tests. Moulin Roty work with independent accredited laboratories which carry out tests for toxicity, material resistance and tensile strength on their toys before granting a certificate of conformity.  

The technical know-how of partners is essential in determining where Moulin Roty manufacture their products. Given the company’s history and their status as a cooperative, they are resolutely open to the world and vigorously defend their values with all who accompany them in the process of creating a product.

To answer such high standards, they observe the following criteria :

*Strong emotional value: their products are real characters that tell stories . . . Each one is the fruit of much work from their creative team. He or she passes through the hands of their illustrators and stylists, who create an entire world of colour and material specifically for him or her. This work is carried out at the heart of Moulin Roty, in Nort-sur-Erdre, France.

*Search for high-quality, gentle materials: They select most of their fabrics in France and in Europe for their creativity and their technical quality, as well as their non-toxicity (the majority are tested by our suppliers following the system of reference Oeko-Tex).

*High quality requirements during manufacturing process: They work with factories and workshops that are selected with the greatest care. They are situated in Romania and France, as well as in China and Taiwan. They are above all partners with whom we have a long-lasting relationship. They work in the respect of our quality specifications, with controls secured at every stage of the production.

*Children’s safety is the top priority: Every toy is tested and approved by an independent French laboratory. All their toys are in compliance with the European standard NF-EN71 and bear the CE mark, which confirms they passed all tests, such as :
- Mechanical tests (no small part must detach itself when pulling at 90Nt force)
- Flammability tests (to control the speed with which flames progress)
- Chemical tests (to control the migration of heavy metals)

More controls to make sure that every item is as reliable as possible:
Bedding items, such as sleeping bags and cot bumpers are tested to control that there are no small elements which could be a danger for your child. Moulin Roty ensure that the materials used are soft and gentle, free from any substance which could be a problem for baby’s fragile skin.
Dish sets for baby’s meals: they make sure that they are in compliance with the European regulation for cadmium or formaldehyde content for instance. Their dish sets are free from Bisphenol A (BPA).
Any plastic part which can be placed in a child’s mouth is tested to make sure that it is phthalate-free.
Baby cots and changing surfaces are tested according to babycare safety standards.
Their products do not contain hazardous substances as listed in the annex XVII of REACH regulation at more than 0.1% of their weight.

Safety and informative texts on the packaging:
Please read and keep hold of any information written on the packaging. They pay particular attention to giving you all recommendations required to use the product you just bought safely.