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Moulin Roty | Cinema Box with Storytelling Torchlights | Theme: Fairytales | Age: 4+

Moulin Roty | Cinema Box with Storytelling Torchlights | Theme: Fairytales | Age: 4+

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This cinema box set is truly magnifique! It comes with everything your child needs to put on a live movie performance and would make a great gift for a child who loves pretend play or storytelling.

The cinema box contains:
  • Sturdy cardboard box, which opens to provide a projection screen
  • Moulin Roty storybook torch to project images. Turn the disk to flip a page for the next scene. Focus can be adjusted by turning the lens head.
  • 5 different story disks (Brave knight, Stop thief , Super hero, Cowboy and Pirates)
  • Each disk has 8 images
  • A note pad for advertising screening times and events
  • Tickets
Batteries for the torch are included.

The cinema box is a great way to bring stories to life and provides great learning experiences because the stories are narrated by the children and this will let them freely explore their imaginations. The storybook torch can help boost creativity from preschool age up to the early teen years. It will also develop skills in social skills as children role play the cinema with family and friends. Imagine how much fun they will have advertising the show, handing out tickets, showing people to their seats and of course performing the movie on the projection screen.

This kit will truly inspire your children to use their developing verbal communication skills and skills in creativity and imagination to tell stories and put on a show!!

Material: Plastic, printed cardboard

Dimensions:  L 25 x H 18 cm

Age:  4+